Reasons for the Popularity of Picket Fencing

Reasons for the Popularity of Picket Fencing

10 March 2022
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The picket fence is perhaps the oldest and most common type in residential areas. Dating as far back as the 19th century, wooden picket fences have graced homes through the centuries, and for good reasons. Despite the introduction of various fence types and fencing materials, wooden picket fences still hold their own. Undoubtedly, some modern fences are versatile and can be used for commercial and residential fencing. However, picket fencing has specific advantages that have helped it survive for centuries.

Effortless Installation — One of the key advantages of picket fencing over other types is its ease of installation. The simple design only requires pointed wooden planks of whatever size you want and a couple of posts. All you have to do is nail the sharp planks against two upper and lower horizontal planks. If you have a hydraulic nail hammer, your work becomes much easier, especially if you have a hand or two to assist you. Other fences are not easy to install since they comprise different elements and accessories. Besides, some fences require a permit from the local council, especially where excavations are involved. Picket fencing does not include much once you find termite-treated fence planks.

Adds Character — Few features can give a property character better than a fence. Unfortunately, many property owners are unaware of the fact and choose fencing that feels generic. However, it does not do a property value any good, particularly if you plan to sell it in the future. In contrast, homebuyers and passers-by are drawn to properties with character, and it is easy to achieve the look with picket fencing. For instance, you can refer to history books and research the different types and designs of retro picket fences used many decades ago. Most importantly, property with character attracts potential homebuyers and improves property value.  

Blends with a Gate — It is challenging to blend most gates with various fence types, especially if made of different materials. For instance, you cannot create a free-flow experience with a brick fence and an iron gate. However, achieving a balance between a fence and a gate is easy with picket fencing. The reason is that you will be using the same material — wood — for the fence and the gate. It means that a picket fence design achieves a seamless look around a property, including the gate. In addition, it is critical to security since blending a gate with a fence makes an entrance difficult to spot. Thus, picket fencing acts as a burglar deterrent, complementing other security installations, such as CCTV cameras and alarms.

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