Iron It Out: Tips for Extending the Life of Your Cast Iron Fence

Iron It Out: Tips for Extending the Life of Your Cast Iron Fence

14 April 2017
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Cast iron fences are a great and aesthetically-pleasing fencing solution for all kinds of circumstances.  As such, whether yours is at the foot of your garden or on your balcony, your fence is a solid and secure border and likely looks good too.  However, don't let your fence's natural durability fool you.  It's still a feature that will need to be maintained, just like any other aspect of your home — but how are you supposed to do this?  Here's a quick guide to some things you can do to take good care of your fence and ensure that it stays solid and tidy-looking for as long as possible.

Treat the Fence

Though Australia is blessed with beautiful weather, you should still take care to protect your fence from the elements.  This is often done by painting the fence with an appropriate outdoor paint product.  However, if you prefer the retain your fence's original colour, you can also purchase speciality waxes and treatments to apply to your fence.  This will guard against ageing and rust.

Remove Rust

Even if you do treat your fence, it's possible that a small amount of rust will appear on it from time to time — but this also goes for existing fences which you didn't install and haven't yet treated.  Rust should be removed with sandpaper before the fence is treated or repainted.  You can also use a small brush with stiff bristles if you don't have any sandpaper; a good toothbrush will do the trick.  Either way, just rub at the fence until you can't see the rust anymore and then apply the treatment over the top.

Repair, Don't Replace

Even if your fence is badly rusted, you can still repair it as described above; it's much more cost-effective than replacing it entirely.  The same goes for a fence that's been damaged and bent.  You may think it's a goner after the neighbour reverses into it and leaves a dent — but actually, heating up the fence with a blowtorch will allow you to reshape it again.  If you're not confident doing this yourself, you can hire a professional to do this for you.

If you follow these simple tips, then cast iron fences will likely last as long as the property.  All in all, after the initial treatment, it's a low-maintenance fencing options.  It's just important to remember the few easy steps that it does require to prevent yourself from having problems later.