5 Aspects to Consider Before Installing a Swimming Pool

5 Aspects to Consider Before Installing a Swimming Pool

4 April 2018
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Did you know that according to the Royal Life Saving Society, there was a 3% increase in the number of drowning deaths across Australia last year? Sadly, this included a significant increase in the number of children aged between zero and four years, many of whom died at home, a supposedly safe location. If you are considering the installation of a pool at a new house under construction, what do you need to focus on, so that you don't become another unfortunate statistic?

What's at Stake?

It's undoubtedly true that Australians have a love affair with water, mainly due to the year-round climate and the proliferation of pools. The government is however very mindful of the risk posed by these pools and in particular, the inattention of adults to the risks involved. This is why there are some stringent regulations in place that you need to be very aware of before you break ground on new construction.

Preconstruction Risks

While you may have been aware of the need to install a fence around your new pool, did you know that a fence needs to be in place while the pool is under construction, as well? If you think about it, this can be just as dangerous a time as inquisitive children can wander up to the edge of a pit and fall in. Even though there may be no water in there yet, injury and death can occur, so make sure that you include a budget for pool fencing panels during and after the construction process, while you are planning to put the permanent fixture in its place.

Pet Safety

Remember, a barrier that conforms with Australian law will not only protect inquisitive children but can also protect your animals when your attention is elsewhere. Not every pet has the ability to swim naturally and this could be just as big a risk for you.


Looking at the positive side, money invested in a pool fence can pay dividends when it comes to selling the property in the future. It can also improve look and appeal and be tied into the overall design of the property nicely. There are several different options on the market, from glass to steel to aluminium, so you're sure to be able to match the colour and aesthetic of the house.

Have a word with a pool installation specialist, so that you know the exact specifications of any fence that needs to surround your proposed pool or spa. Go about this the right way from the beginning and have many endless, sunny days of safe, family fun.