A Few Tips for Deciding on the Right Pool Fence for Your Home

A Few Tips for Deciding on the Right Pool Fence for Your Home

12 April 2018
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Before you shop for a pool fence for your home, of course you want to check on local regulations from your city, or from a homeowner's or neighbourhood association. Once you know of any legal or other such requirements, you don't necessarily want to choose the cheapest option available, as this can mean an unsightly fence that actually detracts from your enjoyment of the pool and any deck or patio you might have outside your home. Instead, note a few tips that will help you to decide on the right pool fence for your home.

If you have younger children

If you have younger children, you want to ensure that the view of the pool is not blocked, either from your home or a neighbour's home. Being able to easily monitor the pool yourself, and keeping the backyard easily seen from a neighbour's home, can allow you to be more alert to a child around or in the pool. Avoid dark mesh fences, especially those with very small mesh, as this can obscure your view. Opt for wrought iron bars or solid glass panels instead, as these fences won't block your view. Glass panels especially are very difficult for children to climb or otherwise get around.

For security

If you want added security around a pool against potential intruders, note that chain link fences are typically very easy for someone to climb. A wrought iron fence with a long horizontal top bar, creating a flat surface, may also be easy to scale. Glass fences don't offer much of a toehold, but if you opt for a glass fence that's only a few feet or meters tall, a person might be able to scale it somewhat easily. Instead, choose a wood or vinyl solid panel fence, with no toeholds and at a height that is difficult for someone to scale.

Surrounding wildlife

If you live in the country, a solid panel fence might be good for keeping out deer and other wildlife, who may actually see your pool as a watering hole! Solid panel fences can also reduce the number of frogs, snakes, scorpions and other smaller pests that might make their way to your home's pool. However, note that some wildlife might not see a glass fence and may run into it, causing injury to themselves and potential damage to the fence. Depending on the animals you're trying to keep out of your yard, consider a wood or vinyl fence that is easier to see and avoid.