How to Choose the Right Fence and Gate Material for Your Yard

How to Choose the Right Fence and Gate Material for Your Yard

16 April 2018
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Choosing the right fence and gate material for your yard can be a challenge, only because you have so many options from which to choose! Cheaper but unattractive fence materials may not be the best choice for your home, while high-end materials may have a more pleasing appearance, but may not offer much security. To help you decide the right fence and gate material for your yard, note a few pros and cons of different popular options, and this will help you to better narrow down your choices.

Chain link

Chain link is very affordable, which makes it a good choice for very large properties, and if you need a taller fence that will require more material. That being said, consider that a chain link gate may be somewhat noisy, as the mesh may tend to rattle as the gate moves. This can be especially true if you have a sliding gate, as these tend to "jerk" the gate when opening it, causing even more rattling.


Wood fences offer lots of privacy and have a very attractive natural look; you can also easily paint wood fences, so you can change up the look of the fence as your outdoor decor changes or if you should repaint the home's exterior. Adding oversized, decorative hardware to a wood gate can also create a very attractive look, and those metal pieces can town down the look of the wood. The downside of wood is that it will need consistent sealing over the years, to keep it from absorbing moisture and then allowing mould and mildew to form. Be prepared for this added cost if you should decide on a wood fence and gate.

Wrought iron

Wrought iron fences and gates have a very traditional, somewhat elegant look, which you need to consider carefully for your property. You might assume that this look would enhance your yard, but if you have a small home or a country-style garden in the backyard, wrought iron might seem out of place. These iron fences also leave more room at the bottom for pets to dig and crawl under, so they may not be the right choice for keeping your dogs in the yard. Note, too, that the weight of wrought iron can mean more wear and tear on gate hinges, so they may be more likely to squeak and groan. If you do opt for this material, be prepared to consistently check the hinges for needed oiling, to keep them quiet.