5 Components You May Need During Chain Link Fence Repairs

5 Components You May Need During Chain Link Fence Repairs

23 April 2018
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Homeowners can perform most of the needed repairs to a chain link fence without having to ask for a professional's help. However, the success of the repairs will depend on whether the repairs were conducted using the appropriate parts. This article discusses some of the components which you may need to buy after assessing the repairs which are needed on your fence.

The Fence Mesh

The fence mesh is usually needed during any chain link fencing repairs because it forms the largest component of the fence. This mesh can be damaged by corrosion or someone may have cut it in order to gain access to your property. Take accurate measurements and ascertain the size of the mesh which you need to buy for the repairs. The mesh is normally sold in rolls.

Tie Wires

It can be hard to perform lasting repairs to the mesh of a chain link fence if you don't have tie wires. Tie wires allow you to secure the mesh onto the fence posts. Bad weather (hailstorms, for example) is the biggest culprit in causing tie wire damage.

Line Posts

Line posts refer to the fence posts which are placed a few feet apart except on the corners of the fence. Line posts tend to be shorter and thinner than the corner posts. Consider using concrete in the fence post holes in order to make the replacement line posts firmer than those which failed.

Corner Posts

Corner posts are often called terminal posts because they are specifically designed for taking the stress exerted upon the ends/corners of a fence. Terminal posts are thicker and taller than line posts are. Make sure that you dig holes to the depth recommended by the fence supplier. Don't place them in the same size of holes as those in which line posts are placed. Otherwise, the corner posts will fail due to the weight of the fence pulling against them.

Tension Bars

You should never repair corner posts if you haven't bought tension bars. Tension bars are connected to the terminal posts in order to help the terminal posts to cope with the tension exerted upon them. Get tension bands for connecting the tension bars to these terminal posts.

You can consider customising your chain link fence once the repairs are complete. Some ideas which you can consider in this regard include adding glass beads in order to make the fence more reflective in a distinctive way. Talk to chain link fence suppliers for additional ideas.