What to Do and What to Avoid if You Want an Attractive Fence for Your Property

What to Do and What to Avoid if You Want an Attractive Fence for Your Property

23 April 2018
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Your choice of fence material and style is very important when it comes to the appearance of your property. Some fences can enhance the look of your yard, giving it an upscale and regal look, while other fences can make a property seem cheap and even downright industrial. If you want an attractive fence for your property, note a few things you need to do and a few things to avoid to create this look outside your home.

Materials to avoid

Some fencing materials and styles are very durable but simply look cheap or industrial. These include vinyl, plastic and chain link. Vinyl fences are often used around pools since vinyl won't rust, rot or otherwise corrode when exposed to water and pool chemicals, and plastic can be easily fabricated and formed. This allows fence manufacturers to create the look of wrought iron with cheaper plastic materials. Chain link is also very cheap to produce and easy to install.

While these materials are durable and good for the budget, they may also seem unattractive, so avoid them if you want a fence that looks more appealing. Instead, invest in real wrought iron or aluminium or a glass pool fence, as these are functional but also better looking than cheap, artificial materials.

Fences that are too large

You might assume that a very tall fence or one made of large stones will be the most attractive option for your home, but if a fence overwhelms your house or property, it can then look out of place. If you want a stone fence, tone it down, and choose smaller boulders that fit the size of your home and property. Wrought iron is also very traditional and attractive, but avoid a wrought iron fence that is so tall that your property looks like a prison yard! Keeping a fence proportionate can mean keeping it more attractive on your property, so avoid thinking that bigger is always better.

Security features

Razor wire can keep out unwanted visitors, but it can also make your fence look very industrial and prison-like. Stakes that curve can also make it difficult for someone to climb the fence, but these can also seem very imposing. To keep a fence secure yet attractive, opt for wrought iron with pointed finials at the top, or a tall glass fence that is difficult to scale. These will keep out uninvited guests without detracting from the appearance of your property's fence.

Contact a fencing contractor for additional advice.