The Benefits of Choosing Aluminium Tubular Fencing for Your New Swimming Pool Fence

The Benefits of Choosing Aluminium Tubular Fencing for Your New Swimming Pool Fence

26 April 2018
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Installing a robust fence around your outdoor swimming pool isn't just a matter of security and privacy -- it's also a legal requirement, and too many instances of lost children drowning in unprotected pools have led to strict regulations requiring outdoor pool owners to make sure their pools are properly fenced in. Choosing a fence that meets these regulations can be challenging, but a number of options do exist.

Aluminium tubular fencing is one of the most popular and widely-used of these options, and for good reason; the unique qualities of aluminium tubular fencing make it easy to ensure your fencing meets legal requirements, and also provide a number of practical benefits.


One of the most important requirements your new pool fence must meet is that it must be impossible to climb, and tubular fencing is ideal for meeting this requirement. Tubular fencing's smooth, vertically-oriented posts provide no handholds for potential climbers, and the lack of horizontal members gives both children and other intruders no footholds to assist in climbing. As long as your tubular fence meets the minimum height requirements, it will be practically impossible to bypass.

Extremely strong

Even the tallest non-climbable fence isn't much use to anybody if it can simple be pushed over or pulled to bits, and an aluminium tubular fence is an immensely robust addition to your poolside. The vertical aluminium posts cannot be bent or broken with anything short of a pair of heavy-duty bolt cutters, and individual sections of fencing are welded or rivets together at their meeting points to prevent them from being removed. Tubular fences can also stand up to gale-force winds with no trouble, unlike many panel and picket fences.


While aluminium isn't quite as tough as steel or wrought iron, it is still capable of withstanding heavy damage, and a well-installed tubular aluminium fence will stay standing for decades, often lasting longer than the very pool it protects. Aluminium's immunity to rust actually makes it a better choice for poolside applications than steel or wrought iron fences, which can quickly fall victim to corrosion in the decidedly moist environment surrounding an outdoor swimming pool.


Despite this strength and durability, tubular aluminium fencing is comparatively lightweight; it is much lighter than alternatives made of steel, and is usually comparable in weight to a robust timber panel fence. This makes both transporting and installing your fence a much easier prospect, and can reduce labour costs if you decide to have the fence installed professionally.

Low maintenance

Timber fences must be treated with oils and stains frequently to prevent damage caused by mould and termites, while steel fences must have their protective coatings renewed on a semi-regular basis to avoid the spread of rust. Aluminium fences require none of these protective measures, and a simple inspection once a year to check for physical damage and loose connections is usually all you need to do to keep your fence strong, stable and legal.