Why Should You Add Fencing Around a Semi-Inground Swimming Pool?

Why Should You Add Fencing Around a Semi-Inground Swimming Pool?

24 November 2018
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Semi-inground pools come with a whole host of benefits – for example, you can build a raised deck around them to create more of a visual statement and provide a fantastic outdoor entertaining space. Unfortunately, some people neglect to think about pool fencing when installing semi-inground pools. It might be true that nobody is going to accidentally wander into the pool, but there are still many reasons it makes sense to add a fence. 

Prevent Falls

By far the most important reason to install fencing around a semi-inground pool is to avoid potential falls. Most people pay no heed to this risk since it's rare for a residential pool's surface to be far enough off the ground to place the surrounding deck high enough for major injuries if anyone takes a tumble – in fact, some semi inground pools are only a foot or so above ground level. Be that as it may, taking a fall can still leave you winded and potentially cause an injury if you land badly, and small children can be particularly at risk. Better to play it safe by installing a fence.

Keep Out the Wind

One thing people tend to forget about semi inground pools is that even a surface that's raised a small amount above the ground will get more wind, especially when that surface sits higher than your garden fencing. A cool breeze can be uncomfortable when the sun isn't shining its hardest, and it can mean seeing things blown around. Simply adding a fence around the pool will act as a windbreak to keep things more calm and comfortable.

Protect Surrounding Grass

Pool water will sometimes get splashed around and end up over any grass surrounding your pool. Despite what you might think, the chlorine in your pool water won't do any damage, but too much water can. You don't want the area around your pool to start getting boggy, and you definitely don't want standing water to start leaking down beneath the pool. Adding fencing around the deck can help keep all pool water where it should be.

Visually Set Your Pool Apart

Finally, think about how your swimming pool is going to look without a fence. Many people end up thinking they look rather incomplete. A semi inground pool should make a strong statement, but it might not really stand out when seen from your property. By adding attractive fencing around the deck, you can make sure it looks as good as possible.