All You Need to Know About Automatic Gates.

All You Need to Know About Automatic Gates.

17 September 2019
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An automatic gate is one of the best ways to improve your home security. Besides, it can help increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to buyers. The article below discusses the various considerations you have to make when thinking about auto gate installation

How Do Automatic Gates Work? 

Automatic gates are electric-powered gates that utilise an access control system. To open the gate, you require a remote control, key card, fingerprint or code. They boost security since people that use the gate must have authority to enter the premises. 

Choosing an Automatic Gate

Below are a few tips to help you choose an automatic gate;

  • Manufacturer. Purchase the gate from a reputable company known for designing and building quality products.
  • Design. The gate should blend well with your home's exterior. Therefore, choose a gate whose colour complements that of your fence or exterior paint.
  • Material. Electric gates can be made from aluminium, wood, wrought iron, or PVC. Heavy materials require a bigger motor.
  • Elevation. Check the elevation of your driveway to determine if you need a sliding or swinging gate.
  • Width. The gate should be wide enough to allow a wide variety of vehicles into the property. It is especially so in commercial premises where huge trucks transporting cargo need access to the premises.
  • Usage. If you expect regular visits from friends and relatives, install a gate with an intercom or CCTV system. It will allow you to see or talk to people outside the gate. 


There are many DIY automatic gate installation tips on the internet. However, it is best if an experienced installer installs the gate. Most companies will provide an installer at your request. As the homeowner, you may be required to ensure that the area you intend to install the gate has access to electricity. You also need some supplies such as concrete to secure the gate's poles to the ground.


Regular maintenance ensures that your gate lasts a lifetime. Check the physical integrity of the gate by examining the poles. The gate's hinges and other moving parts should be well lubricated. Check the gate for frayed wires that might short circuit the system or electrocute people using the gate. Regular cleaning will help prevent pests and rust on your gate.

Automatic gates will prevent unscrupulous individuals from accessing your property. With the above guide, choosing, installing, and maintaining your automatic gate should be a walk in the park.