Choosing Aluminium Or Steel Tubular Fencing

Choosing Aluminium Or Steel Tubular Fencing

20 March 2020
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A tubular fence fulfils both aesthetic and functional needs, providing an attractive barrier that deters intruders. You might have noticed that these fences typically use either aluminium and steel. So which should you choose? This depends on your particular situation and requirements.

You Live In A Coastal Area

Living in a coastal environment, you need to consider the effects of the corrosive salty air on any fence you install. Because aluminium naturally resists rust, it provides an invaluable option for those that live by the sea. Steel, on the other hand, can rust, though a couple of variations offer resistance. Stainless varieties of steel contain an element that repels rust, while galvanised steel has a layer of zinc that protects it from corrosion. A galvanising treatment involves dipping a metal object into a hot zinc bath. 

Another process that shields metal is powder coating: a process in which baked-on pigments and resins meld to the surface, creating a smooth coloured finish. This technique covers aluminium and steel objects, offering an additional layer of protection.

You Want Plenty Of Design Options

Both metals provide a massive array of design options that range from decorative fences full of scrolls and embellishments to simple flat-top designs with a sequence of vertical tubular railings, topped with a horizontal rail. Typical colour options include black, green and cream. You can combine tubular metal with other elements such as brick, stone and concrete to create fence designs with extra charm and visual interest. 

You Want A Matching Gate

If you want to install a matching gate for your fence, then the gate's weight can become crucial. After all, for a manual driveway gate, you don't want to struggle and strain to swing it open. In these cases, aluminium may provide the best option due to its lightweight nature. Steel, being the heavier of the two metals, might become unwieldy for large manual gates. Alternatively, an automatic mechanism can do the lifting for you — just make sure its motor is powerful enough. If you're installing a smaller walk-through gate, then the weight of the metal becomes less relevant as the overall amount will be less.

You Want A Strong Security Fence For Your Business

You might be considering an extremely sturdy fence for security purposes if you own a business. Steel, as well as being heavier than aluminium, is also more robust. Thus if the prime objective for your tubular fencing is security and deterrence of intruders, a high strength steel fence is an excellent option. Though durable aluminium fences also can provide great protection.

For more information on tubular fencing, reach out to a local fence contractor.