The Pros And Cons Of The Three Most Popular Types Of Residential Fencing

The Pros And Cons Of The Three Most Popular Types Of Residential Fencing

15 September 2020
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Australia has a lot of fences, from large outback dividers that keep big properties separate to industrial fencing found in many business precincts around the country. What is often ignored is the role that fencing plays in residential areas, with most properties having one form of fencing or another. There are many fencing contractors who only work in residential settings, and it is always good to get their advice before locking yourself in to one type of fencing. If you are considering renovating your fencing and want some ideas, then here is a quick rundown of the three most popular types of residential fencing.

Panel Fencing

Panels can be made out of either metal or wood (although metal is far more popular now) and are a cheap, easy solution that offers maximum privacy to your home. If privacy is your main concern, then you should choose panel fencing for your home. However, you should know that panel fencing can decay rather quickly, with rust and other corrosive elements taking their toll on this type of fencing over time. In addition to that, it does get affected by strong winds on occasion. Still, overall it is a very reliable type of fencing, and it's very sturdy when installed by professional fencing contractors.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is often associated with schools, farms and industrial properties, but it is still a great option for homes for one simple reason: it is the most budget-friendly, long-lasting fencing option on the market. Because it has less of a surface area than panel fencing, along with special, PVC covering over the metal chains, chain link takes decades to start needing maintenance. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, it does have a reputation as being more of an industrial type of fencing, so it can look out of place in more suburban areas.

Metal And Brick Hybrid

If you are looking to emulate more old fashioned, plantation aesthetics, then you might like the metal and brick hybrid. This is where the bottom third (or higher) of the fence is brick, with the top two-thirds of the fence covered by metal poles (with interlocking connections between all the poles). This type of fencing can be very effective at keeping out intruders, while also looking incredible, with its rustic properties well and truly popular in the mainstream. The only downside could be that it can cost quite a lot of money to install properly, which is something you should consider. Fencing contractors sometimes have great discounts on more expensive types of fencing, so keep an eye out!

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