Reasons to Install a Chain Link Fencing Around Your Home

Reasons to Install a Chain Link Fencing Around Your Home

10 May 2021
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If you're researching fencing options for your front garden, you'll notice a wide variety of available materials and styles. One option that offers a range of benefits — as described below — is a chain mesh barrier.

Handles Harsh Weather Conditions

Chain-link fences can handle harsh weather conditions. The steel mesh is sometimes galvanised, which means it has been dipped in a bath of molten zinc that forms a lasting rust-protective coat. Other mesh is encased in PVC that blocks the elements. The posts and rails will be either galvanised or powder-coated in a hard, fused-on paint layer. These various coatings protect the fencing from rain, sun, and hail.

Additionally, the barriers can cope with extreme storms as the webbing allows the wind to rush through the fence. Hence, the wall is under less force and pressure, and it will less likely crack or break even in gale-force conditions.

Contains Pets 

Chain mesh fencing contains pets safely in a front garden. The tiny holes within the diamond mesh aren't big enough for animals to squeeze through. To prevent a dog from digging underneath, you can bury the webbing into the earth. Additionally, construct a high fence to contain dogs who like to jump. Secure the fencing with a matching gate to form a continuous boundary.

Allows the Garden to Flourish

If you have beautiful garden beds lining your yard perimeter, they won't be cast in shadow by a chunky opaque fence. Sunlight can easily beam through these structures. You could even integrate the barrier with the garden by planting climbing vines and flowers that will intertwine themselves in the meshing, creating a living fence.

Low Maintenance

Chain link fences require barely any maintenance. You won't have to periodically stain or paint the wall as you might with a timber structure. All it will need is a wash with a garden hose now and again if it gets covered in debris.


Chain mesh fencing provides an affordable option. These structures consist of posts and rails, webbing and attachment hardware, which aren't expensive.

Additionally, the barriers are relatively easy to install. Fencing contractors fix or cement the poles into the ground and unroll the wire mesh, connecting it from post to post. They don't have to laboriously construct the wall brick-by-brick, for example. This straightforward construction helps to minimise installation costs. You'll also experience less inconvenience as your garden will be enclosed quickly.

Reach out to a local fencing contractor to learn more.