Why Should You Add Fencing Around a Semi-Inground Swimming Pool?

24 November 2018
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Semi-inground pools come with a whole host of benefits – for example, you can build a raised deck around them to create more of a visual statement and provide a fantastic outdoor entertaining space. Unfortunately, some people neglect to think about pool fencing when installing semi-inground pools. It might be true that nobody is going to accidentally wander into the pool, but there are still many reasons it makes sense to add a fence. Read More …

The Many Benefits Of Automatic Gates

8 May 2018
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Whether you are looking to secure your home or business premises, automatic gates can be a fantastic investment that offers security and convenience in one. Automatic gates can either be opened at the touch of a button or through a motion sensor that recognises your vehicle as it approaches your property. There are many different styles of automatic gates available, making it easier than ever to choose a design that fits your personal taste and your budget. Read More …

Wire Fencing: The Advantages

1 May 2018
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Fencing provides the first line of defence against intrusion into your property. A fence is usually a significant investment so you need to pay a little extra attention in your selection. Wire fencing is one of the major types of fencing you will find in the markets. It comes with plenty of benefits whether it's for residential, agricultural or industrial use. Wire fencing comes in different types as well, such as razor ribbon, barbed wire or mesh. Read More …

Raising The Bar: The Advantages Of Fitting Aluminium Balustrades To Your Raised Pool Deck

30 April 2018
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If you own an above-ground swimming pool, a sturdy raised deck surrounding it can be a very practical and attractive addition, giving you solid ground on which to sunbathe and allowing you to enter and exit your pool more frequently (a particularly useful boon for elderly or disabled bathers). However, a raised deck without some kind of protective barrier around it's perimeter is a nasty fall waiting to happen, and your deck should be fitted with robust balustrades to arrest falls. Read More …

DIY Fence Installation Mistakes to Avoid

27 April 2018
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Installing your own fence can obviously save you money on the cost of a fence contractor, but tackling this job yourself can be more costly if you don't manage it properly, as you may then wind up paying for otherwise unnecessary fence repairs down the road. If you do want to try to manage fence installation by yourself, however, note some installation mistakes to avoid, so your fence is strong and secure, and so that you won't face unnecessary repairs once your fence is erected. Read More …